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Launch of our online Treasury Toolbox Van: Treasury Services (nieuwsbrief@treasuryservicesmail.be) Verzend: 2017-04-11 09:46:49
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Online  Treasury Toolbox

We have launched our revolutionary online Treasury Toolbox!

The Toolbox supplies transparency in the increasingly complex world of derivatives pricing, and analysis tools are available to replace consultancy services by online tools.



What does the Toolbox Offer?

Independent Valuation Tools: Tools for building, analysing, pricing and comparing financial transactions and derivatives according to the latest market practices via multiple curve bootstrapping.

Business Analysis Tools: Tools for analysing business projects, or series of committed and anticipated cash flows. The tools will analyse the risks, calculate the market cost price (fair value) of the risks, and it will calculate effective hedge(s) from a risk management perspective.

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Why Independent Valuations?

Regulatory Requirements: Authorities require independent valuations. EMIR, IFRS, MiFID, AIFMD, UCITS and KID PRIIPS are examples of external stakeholders that require independent valuations.
Enhanced Collateral Management: The tools can serve as an independent source to supply a correct calculation of collateral to be exchanged on outstanding derivatives.
Challenge the Counterparty Price: The tools supply a correct fair value calculation for collateralised derivatives.
Reduction of Reputational Risk: By making use of tools that make a correct fair value calculation, unpleasant surprises can be avoided because you are in control.
Risk Management: These online market practice tools increase the adequacy of risk management and values with extensive risk-return information.
Outsourcing: These tools make it possible to outsource the increasing complex processes related to fair value calculations and risk analysis.

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Why our Toolbox?

Best Practice Valuations: These tools make use of the latest insights in the market of how derivatives and structured products should be priced and analysed.
Transparency: Together with the online training "Modern Bootstrapping” in the online Treasury Academy, we supply transparency of how these calculations are performed.
Auditable: By giving insight into the mathematics as well as the input data in the models, our solution has become auditable.
Cost Effective: You can chose between different reasonably priced subscriptions.
Instant Availability: The tools can be used on any device, from any location and at any moment through the secured online SAAS platform.
Advanced Portfolio management: Transactions can be saved in a portfolio and all reports can be exported.

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